We believe in every worker across the world whose hard work puts food on the table of many others.

We are a footwear manufacturing company based in Ghana. We have existed since 2015. We work with state-of-the-art machinery and focus on large scale production with production capacity in excess of 10,000 shoes per month. We produce mainly dress shoes, ankle high shoes, shoes for children, sandals and slippers, belts and semi-sneakers. Our primary markets are professionals, schools (from kindergarten to SHS), Security Agencies, wholesale supply to boutiques and retail fashion shops and general export market.

Why Choose Us


All our materials; the leather, in-sole and out-sole are sourced from Europe and Asia with a high level of durability and can also withstand tough whether conditions. There are quality control checks at various points during the production process to ensure that all the shoes that are churned out meet international standards as well as the expectations of our customers.


we know that you may not look too good even when the shoes look good if your shoes are uncomfortable. For this reason, we support the interior of the shoes with special materials that provide absolute comfort for your feet. The outsole is also cushioned with cork wood which helps to provide the sole of your feet with total comfort as you walk in the shoes.


We are aware that for most people, their shoes give them confidence. Therefore we provide you with a wide range of top class designs and an array of colours to choose from. We put in an extra effort in the finishing and lustre of the shoes to make you look good.

Customer Service

we understand that, our business does not exist without our customers. We therefore handle all concerns of our customers with absolute urgency to ensure that they are completely satisfied at all times.

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